donderdag 4 juni 2009

My Room - update, Stefi

The notion of HOME is changing with the perception of what home is: a house, a room, bed, phone, computer, person etc.
I decided to concentrate on the feeling of being home? What is it that makes one feel at home?
Safety, stability, familiarity, no need to prove yourself, adjustable, suitable.
Abstract that feeling into a meaningfull object...
I came accross Ernesto Neto, who makes sculptures that give that kind of feeling.
I like the softness of his objects. Feels like they are wraping around you and protecting you from everything. They look comfortable and fun. I can identify my feeling of home with the feeling his objects give. It's a feeling of belonging. Still, in his work theres a very strong aspect of a galery. Certain group of people go to galeries - I want my objects to be inviting for anyone on the street: from kids, to grown ups to elderly people. Elandsgracht needs to wrap around everyone making them feel at home.
To do this, a reference of something familiar and well know to us must be made.

Human object.
The over ehsaduratin in size is ment to give participants the feeling of being small, something similar to being a child and having your parents protecting and taking care of you.

While building the "puppet" I descovered that playing with the proportion of certain body parts enhanses the look I wanted to get.

After this it was clear to me that certain parts of the body communicate my message a lot more clear then a whole body.
Im currently working on finishing my new model and presentation for next week.
The object is now becoming bart of the street, hugging and hosting each participant, giving them their own ROOM.

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