dinsdag 5 mei 2009

Under the four trees

I found a place of slowing down in a busy area.

Without too much searching, it took for me a walk from the area of commerce, Kalverstraat towards Spui. There a book market, a sanctuary of the Begijnhof and a street orchestra playing. Cello, guitar and harmonica were being played. It felt like in another world. Here you relax; slow down you start to pay attention to other people. You are aware of others but focused on the music. I was absorbed by the setting, the people and the music.

I saw various people pass by. Most slowed down to listen for a while. Some stayed longer than I did. There was a couple who stopped and after a while the woman decided to give some wine to the players. As if out of now where a German man dressed as a bunny appeared. He took the hat and went through the crowd jumping up for thanks. I had to laugh hard. I saw an older woman holding her bag as if she would be holding the moment, afraid the music would stop. Then, there was a child with her grand mother. The child sat on the cover of the cello and kept on looking at the man playing, as if hypnotized.

The city many times numbs ones senses, with drastic scenes of light and sound. The areas of shopping and going out are a part of the physical network in the city. Since this tango orchestra, called La-ocasion, under the four trees managed to evoke natural loving moments, I wonder how this setting could be used to evoke more love in the city. What could the choreography be?

A quote from the website of La-occasion:
Opwindende nachten in doorrookte gangsterkroegen, messentrekkende mannen en overspelige vrouwen, liefdesverdriet gesmoord in alcohol, heimwee en weemoed.... dat is de wereld die La OcasiĆ³n oproept.
What did it take for this place to exist?


The area is covered by four trees.
The musicians
The music
Space (not too little)
The pass-byers

Why do they come to the place?

Interest (books, tourist wandering)
Hear music
The Begijnhof is an attraction

Where are they coming from?

Mostly from shopping areas

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