dinsdag 28 april 2009

input in de liefde en de stad

hello fellow urbanists!

hereby some input for your projects.
In general some books, sites, designers and artists that could inspire you or keep you going:

- The project 'Urban Play' by Droog during Experimantadesign and look at the 'sunday adventureclub' project. (Eleni, the project of Maartje Dros contains dogs!)

- The work of John Kormerling : www.johnkormerling.nl

- The Endless city, book by Dejan Sudjic (derector design museun London). Book with lots of pictures, statistics, ect. About our modern urban age.

- Inside|Outside, Petra Blaisse, Designer who works a lot with fabrics, but also designs gardens, exhibitions and tiles. ( Fleur, she did a nice project in Villa Manin Italy with mirors and reflecting umbrella's). www.insideoutside.nl

- Spectacle, by Bruce Mau. Book about performance in the public and big publical hapenings around the world.

- Melle, mischien iets voor jou; ugly objects project by Natalya Pinchuk (www.natalyapinchuk.com).

- The 'stadsarchief amsterdam' (city archive) has a digital 'beeldbank' with pictures of the city and its history. Here you can find images of buildings, poeple and cityscape in old times. (iets voor jou Amanda?)

- Melina for you some intresting choreographers you can look into: Kriztina de Chatel, makes pieces with dancers, horses, factorybuildings, american footballplayers on nice lokations. Grupo de Rua is a nice dancegroup of dancers from the street. Conny janssen is a choreographer who is master in 'interhuman contact' in dance.

- Martijn Engelbrecht (www.egbg.nl) is an artist who works on stategics and other questionairs; Tom could be helpful for your approuch of the city.

- In general some nice (interactive)projects; The 'Veldkeuken' van Elmo Vermijs, The fishermanshouse of Joep van Lieshout, the work of ontwerpbureau 4 and guerillagardening.org.

so, this is all could think of for now.
have fun working!

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